A Federal Debt Relief Grant Can Be Yours…If You Just Ask

If you haven’t heard of federal debt relief grants, don’t worry. As with most government services, federal debt relief grants are not advertised as much as consumer products scattered in the market. This is so because if no one avails of the money meant for the grant, the government will then utilize this fund for other things. But this option should always be on the back of your head in case you ever find yourself seeking a way out of debt desperately.

How this money is gathered should not be a persistent question for you. People who are in the highest class donate certain amounts of millions to the foundations that offer these debt relief grants. They are actually required to do so if they intend to remain in a specific tax bracket. What this means to any person with debt is this fund can be used as an aid in getting rid of debt, as long as they qualify for it.

The initial phase in the application is for you to make your intentions known through a grant proposal. Of course, this money just can’t be given to you outright, so you have to make a formal statement indicating where you will use it and the amount you need. Aside from personal information, there are donors that ask for information about your annual or monthly expenses and the income of the working adults in your home. Declaring dependents may also be needed.

Your history of applying for other grants will also affect your chances of qualifying for debt relief grants. You must share this data as well if you have already done so. This is a simple process in the system that assures a fair evaluation for everyone needing a grant. All of the information you have given will then be reviewed, and this will be the basis of the approval or denial of the grant desired. Remember that you will be lower in the priority list if you just had a recently approved grant.

If ever you have more inquiries about federal debt relief grants, you can hook up in cyberspace and surf the web. You can also outright apply online if you want. These funds can assist you handily in clearing off your debt, and they will be willing to give it to you as long as you follow the necessary processes to qualify.

8 Responses to “A Federal Debt Relief Grant Can Be Yours…If You Just Ask”

  1. Sheila Wright Says:

    I agree with Terry. I’m not a product of downsizing, but I believe I understand Terry’s frustration. While we’re spending time on sites and researching sources that leave you hanging, give you the run-around, tell you there is no help, or provide half the info needed our bills are still accumulating interest and fees so we’re getting further and further behind. I have been looking for both grants and ways to increase the income I bring home. I’ve possibly found side jobs to do, but I’m afraid I don’t have the time required to make them work, especially right away. And, from my point of view, debt consolidation is for those who have extra money each month to put towards a program. I suppose people in Terry’s and my category make too much money to qualify for temporary federal aid, but not enough to pull ourselves out of our holes. I’m trying… I really am.

  2. Rudy Wagner Says:

    Are there grants for debt relief I can qualify for? Please e-mail a list of grants.

  3. Travis Says:

    I am 19 years old and have read about federal relief grants and how you can apply online for them. If anyone has a link to the application please let me know. I cant seem to find one anywhere and am thinking this is a scam.

  4. susan armitage Says:

    how do i apply for a federal grant relief. i own a small salon and business has dropped drastically. cannot pay credit cards, medical bills and i need more knee surgery desperaltely and cannot take off the 6 weeks to heal or even begin to pay for the surgery itself. i feel like i am sinking and the credit card companies are making nasty calls

  5. BIDISHA DAS Says:

    I am 30 years old with 2 kids. Working hard for last 11 years. In 2007 I was laod off for 6 months. My monthly expense is 3000 including mortgage for $1320.00. My unemployment period I used up all my credit card and took a non-secured loan. I have a job now that is helping me pay my regular expenses. But my debt is over $30,000. I am not able to pay off. Please help me find a grant. I was scamed by 2 companies that took $87.00 and did not provide me any information. Please help me.

  6. holly Says:

    where do i apply online for goverment debt grants my husband had surgery and was off work for 3 months we have 2 little boys I was paying daycare expenses and house payment all out my check which doesn’t leave us enough money to pay for all other expenses please help

  7. kelly Says:

    where i do apply online for the government debt grants?
    i am not married yet! i have no childern… But i cant seem to get back on my feet fast enough to get caught up on bills. I need to finish school and i am not able to pay my credit cards or payments. i also just recently am self employed as a hairstylist whos pays rent weekly and barely can do that! i need help please if you can. i just want to start clean and debt free!

  8. Tm Says:

    Looks like more questions, rather than answers…I’m looking for asssistance for my 78 year old mother who has been forced to live off her cards for the last few years, and is now in hock up to her eyeballs! She needs assistance clearing this mess up, or risks losing her home of 44 years to Chapter 11 or worse, foreclosure. She can’t afford to undertake a Chapt. 13, as she is on a fixed income (i.e. extremely low).

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